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Never Forget Your Video Lines Again


Video is an excellent way to make things more interesting for your customers. It also makes for better SEO, by giving you more chances to be found, since videos appear in both in Google and YouTube results. If your competitors are not generally using video, then using it yourself will make you stand out in the search results.

However, a common downside to making videos, which can make the whole activity end up wasting a lot of time, is that it is not always easy to say what you want once the camera starts rolling. And doing take after take, can get tiring very quickly.

There is a simple solution to this, and that is simply reading your script in front of the camera. However this ends up resulting in you not looking at the camera, which can make viewers feel less engaged. It may also give an impression that you are not genuine, or don’t know your stuff.

Not too long ago, I found a fantastic solution to this problem, which makes it easy and fast to get your videos recorded quickly and on the script. As a result you both save time, and end up with very nicely on-script videos.

The solution is an iPhone app called Teleprompter. It works just like a normal Teleprompter, with the text srolling as you read it in front of the camera. But there is an extra trick at play, which is key to getting a perfect recording.

On an iPhone, the Front facing camera, that is the one that faces towards you while looking at the screen, is very small. It is also very close to the edge of the screen. The Teleprompter app places the scrolling text right next to the camera.

This means that, even as you look straight at the text and read, to the viewer it looks as though you are looking right at the camera. As a result, it is practically impossible to see your eyes moving as you are read the on-screen text on a screen.

A good example of this is this video.To make this video I simply mailed the article text to myself, opened up the email in my phone, then cut and paste the text of my blog article into my app.

Now I am reading the text verbatim as I look at the camera. This allows me to get the video recorded on prescription with little effort. If I do mess up some wording, I simply scroll back up and read the paragraph again. Then I edit out the mistake.

Once I am done with reading my script, the app automatically puts the video back into my camera my after which I can send it to my computer for editing, or use an editor in my phone if I prefer. Editing videos will be a later topic.

If you with to try this out, there is a Lite version of the Teleprompter app. It only allows a limited amount of text, and places a watermark on your video. But it’s a good way try it out for free. If you find you like it, I believe you will find the paid version to be a very worthwhile purchase.

Thanks for watching. I hope you found this article is full if you have any comments or questions I would love to see them down the bottom of my article.

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