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Get More Leads by Doing Google Business Posts

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Video Transcript: Hi guys very quick post for you today just to show you how to do a post on Google My Business which is the information that goes into your Google Maps listing that appears on Google searches.

The benefits of this are that it can help to push you up the rankings for Google My Business, which means that you going to appear more often in Google Maps searches and don’t forget if you are in the top 3 for your category in your area then you appear on Google page 1 of searches in the little Google Maps box there with your review stars I’m sure you’ll see that on every Google search you do.

Now basically to do it you want to be logged in to business.google.com, and that uses a standard Google account. So you can use your personal Gmail or your business Gmail as you prefer.

If you haven’t already done it, you have to go and claim your business listing by going to search yourself in Google, then clicking on claim listing. Once you’ve done that you are then going to have your listing information like this and to do a post.

You have all these other info you should all fill in the info about your business and so on but if you go in to do a post. By default will go to covid-19 update you can do one of those if you want but otherwise you go to add update.

This is just general information about your business you can also do other things you put an offer if you’ve got an offer or a product you should put as many product and offer information as you have available all of your products. The more you have the better when someone comes to you and finds your results on Google they can click in and find out information about you before they even get your website.

This sort of information is going to make it more likely that the person is going to get in touch and use your business. Now to create a post … again click add update We can increase the size of this. We will type in here whatever we want to say.

Any useful information even a couple of paragraphs about your business or not about you but about things that are helpful to customers that they should know for example you’re an electrician … you are you pointing out
“I saw this thing today this is very unsafe. If you have this problem in your house then get in touch straight away and I can fix it for you”.

Or I’m a building inspector. I take a photo of some sort of fault in a house that people might see when they’re out inspecting houses for purchase that they can say “oh this … I should note this down this is something I should tell the building inspector when I get them to come” or “if this problem is like this then I shouldn’t even be looking at the this house”.

That sort of helpful stuff which is not telling the customs how awesome you are, but telling them, basically showing them without saying as much, that you are helpful and that you’re someone they can rely on.

So you’d put your information there. Click here upload whatever photo you’ve got. Here’s one… wall cracks in … I know nothing about this but if you’re building inspector you might do something like this and once you’re done choose a button say for example call now …by default it’s going to be my own phone number … and hit publish

Now once you’ve done that what you going to see is in here people are going to see down the bottom posts like this that they can scroll through. Very helpful for customers. They will help you rank higher and another good thing is when the customer clicks in to see the results say they go to view all and then they the click on your results.

If they want to view more I think if the click this it pops up when they scroll down to look at your information. You’re always going to have these other web results below. They might click on someone else instead of clicking on you but by having these posts, you are getting a chance to give them more information about yourself to show them how helpful you going to be, before they get down to… in my case it’s myself as well … but before they get down and possibly click on someone else so

You want to be doing this often. And whenever you create content as well you can also put it in your own business website that’s very helpful but I’ll be talking about that in another post thanks for watching. Bye!

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