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Boost Your Local SEO Now to Get on Google Page #1

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What is Local SEO? It’s getting found by the people near you, who are searching for services like yours. Want to get on Page #1 of Google, in the maps box? Then you need make sure your business is listed on google maps properly. Take care of your listing!!


Getting Started with Local SEO

Hi I’m Tamhas and i’m going to tell you today briefly why you need to use Local SEO. And the first part of this is to make sure your business is listed on google maps properly. That you actually actively take care of your listing and also i’m going to show you how to do your listing on google maps if you haven’t done it already now.

If we go here this is google my business and the

address for it is google.com/business. Or mybusiness.google.com will take us here and this is going to get us listed on google maps.

local seo

Good Local SEO Examples

Wangaratta Electrician – Buchan Electrical

Now if we click here, this search is for Wangaratta Electrician. We can see here we’ve got Buchan Electrical. That’s my brother, I’ve done his website and done his listing for him. Now we’ve got a next electrician, and if we go down we can see all of the other guys. But only the top three guys, not including the guy who’s paid for an ad there.

Only these top three guys with the free listings who have managed to get into the top three are going to appear on the first page of google in this guy has reviews he’s still not on the top page though. Why is that? Because his listing, even though he’s got a bunch of reviews, looks to me like he’s never gone and claimed his listing. He’s never put photos in there, or business information, or any videos or so on.

Not just him but a lot of other guys, they’ve never claimed their listing, and they’re not actively managing it. Google does like people who are actively managing their listing. They also like people who put more information in their page, and also who have a website which is mentioned in the page, as well as having the right keywords in their listing.

Web Design Hong Kong

I used to be in Hong Kong, and if you search web design hong kong I am on the first page. If we click into that what have i done? Firstly i’ve got the right keywords. All right you can see here i’m the third of the non-paid ads. There are two paid ads, and three unpaid ads. It’s the unpaid ones that are appearing on Google Page #1.

I’ve got my logo in there, I’ve got some information there, I’ve got some some videos down here. Usually if you scroll down, people will see the stuff about other businesses below you. Having some videos or some posts lets them see your stuff first. It also means that you’re actively managing your listing. Google likes that .

local seo

Web Design Wangaratta

Now, if we look for web design Wangaratta, we’ll find that I … look this guy here Adamfreelance and these guys are above me even with no reviews, because they’ve just been around for a while, even with no reviews and no nothing.

Small businesses in small towns they’re not actively managing their listing, whereas me here, Boostable, I’m in the fourth slot. If I go up one slot now, i’ll be in Google Page #1. And I’ve only been running my this listing for about two weeks.

But if we look at the listing, I’ve got all the information. When we’re open. Health and Safety, Google likes. I’ve got some reviews. You need to have reviews. I’m just getting started.

If you scroll down, you will see more information about me, which is in my listing, and some videos. So this is the sort of thing that google wants to see.

Expat Insurance

Now we’ll have a look over here at Expat Insurance this is even better. He is using good keywords. In hong kong if you just search expat insurance then you would find him. And because he’s the only one using that particular keyword in his Google Maps, even though it’s a something people commonly search for he gets the whole right hand side of the google search results.

That’s the ideal result for anyone. Not easy to do, but it can be done, especially for if you have mentioned certain keywords of services you provide, but your competitors don’t have that mentioned in their website. So someone’s searching for that and … boom … they’ll find you there all in that one side, which is a pretty good free ad.

Getting Started

Go to Google My Business

The above shows what you should do. And if you want to get signed up you go here to google.com/business or mybusiness.google.com, and you will click Manage Now. and then you’ll in this case i’m using my existing google account for my personal account and i would sign in. Then i would choose my business, or you can add a new business if you’re not there already.

But what most people will be doing, is they find that they are already in the the listings, they’ve got a listing ,but they’ve just never tried to manage it themselves. So in this case they would be clicking the “own this business” button and then going through and following the these these steps.

Local SEO

Local SEO – What’s Next?

So I will in my next Local SEO video be showing how to set up your google maps listing properly. But this today is telling you that you need to do it. You really have to do it, if you want to be getting those free search results and landing on page one without having to spend any money, beyond the initial setup costs.

If you want to do it but don’t have the time to learn Local SEO and need someone to help you out, give me a yell. I’m keen to give you any quick advice. If you have any quick questions give me a buzz but if you want me to help you to set the whole thing up for you of course i can do that as well as a service so yeah look forward to hearing from you.

And feel free to look at my website and go through and my website again which is here Boostable look at that and let me know if you’ve got any questions. Thanks for watching.

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