Get ready to hand over your lead qualifying to


With this new tool, you can SLASH CPL’s by 65% whilst TRIPLING lead quality by deploying this into your business immediately.

Unlike “The Wolf” this works 24/7, 365, and doesn’t crash lambos or go on drug-fueled benders either.

But, how does it all work? If you already book appointments from ads, you will have noticed a “problem” …

Not all leads that QUALIFIED to book a call, will actually book.

They aren’t ready.

Life gets in the way.

And if you don’t have enough sales staff to mop up the stragglers and quickly identify people who want your service, and can afford it?

Then sadly, those leads are on the long road to nowhere.

So you end up paying more to “Zuck” each day, to get more qualified appointments, but you keep ending up with “qualified but didn’t book” leads…

One of your options is to do nothing.

Or you could hire another junior salesperson to help work the “qualified, but didn’t book” leads.

That’s at least $23.64/hour for 40 hours/week. That’s $946.60/week or $49,171.20 per year.

That’s more costs coming out of your budget, and less bonus left over for you.

…and you’ve still got to train them, pay them super, etc.

And if you don’t do that, then it’s down to you and your highly-skilled, expensive sales team to do boring follow ups that are mostly a huge waste of time.

There’s no doubt about it. You don’t need the hassle of a new hire. You need something can follow up like clockwork, day in and day out.


Until the prospect says “NO”.

And is available 24/7.

If you’ve ever thought: “Dammit! I just WISH I could get Jordan Belfort to do my follow-up & closing”…

Well now you can …

With a Boostable Sales AI that mimics The Wolf Of Wall Street!!!

If you don’t fancy handing over $1000/week or more to hire an extra salesperson…but want better results than two of the same would bring you … 

See You on the Call!

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