Obliterate Your Cost Per Lead. Get ChatGPT to Qualify & Book Your Leads Into Appointments.

Does your business have more calls coming in than you can handle?


You’re probably a victim of your own success


Yeah that weird little paradox where, the better your product or service is, the more people want it … 


But next minute you’re so busy you can’t answer the phone fast enough. You don’t have enough time to qualify all your leads and still have enough time left over to sell to your real prospects.


End result — your good-quality prospects are being thrown away. Because your best leads are sitting around going cold, 


It’s not your fault. You can’t work 24 hours in a day! But something else can …


You’ve probably heard of AI. You’ve probably even played with things like ChatGPT. So you know what it can do.


It can write your emails or great sales copy. It can write great social media posts. And it can chat with you to in almost any language. 

Too bad it can’t talk to you customers for you!


But what if you could get ChatGPT to talk to your customers, and understand if someone qualified for an offer, based on the information it was fed?


Well now, you can, with a Boostable AI Sales Android. You’ve seen it in action. And you can probably guess what happened … 


Bookings skyrocketed!


And the cost to generate each QUALIFIED lead fell through the floor.


Our AI-driven double opt-in system can talk to your prospective clients, and make sure your sales people only speak with 100% qualified prospects.


By feeding OpenAI with information about your products and services, PLUS the criteria gathered from the FB or other lead form, your new Boostable Sales AI uses CHatGPT to INSTANTLY digests this information and assesses whether or not a prospect qualifies for ANY service.


Those that qualify are then invited to book an appointment, and sent a link.


But How is Boostable Sales AI Different to the old ChatBots?

Because as you have seen … just like ChatGPT can do with you … it has REAL conversations with your leads, tells them if they qualify, (or if they don’t ) and lets them know why. 


So for the ones that do, the show up rates are “off the charts”.

Because they know they’re qualified.

If you’ve ever tried to use service bots and SMS automation before… You’ll know you need to create large, complex workflows which have limited capabilities and responses.

A bunch of IF this, then do THAT.

lEven then… if an ‘invalid answer’ is given the dumb-bot goes haywire, gives a nonsensical response and reveals itself.

Leaving your prospect feeling cheated and back to square one.

By laying out a set of instructions, called prompts, the AI knows that its main objective is to qualify and book an appointment, and it will not stop until it does.

It will NOT have a sick day.

It will NOT go on a bender.

It will NOT smash up a lambo and send you the bill.

The AI has access to the full conversation and as a result will SMS and email back and forth with prospects.

We can even ask our Boostable Sales AI to mimic Jordan Belfort’s (AKA The Wolf Of Wall Street) sales techniques and philosophy.

Try as you might, you won’t hit that annoying feedback loop we all despair from other dumb-bots. We program your AI Sales Agent for you to do exactly what you need to do — give customers the right information, and move them towards a sale.


The end result for you is … cheaper, better quality leads that actually convert. Because they are suited to your product, and they have the budget for it.

Boostable AI does the majority of the heavy lifting for your lead qualifying process, to free up your time (and your sales team’s) for things like CLOSING SALES and DELIVERING YOUR SERVICE!


Would you like that?

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